White Affinity Group for The Yarn Mission

This is an invitation for white folks who support The Yarn Mission from me, Jeanne Burns, a white knitter and Yarn Mission collective member in the Twin Cities.

Last year after the election I saw an announcement for Safetypin Box, a subscription service for white folks to get learning assignments from Leslie Mac and Marissa Jenae Johnson, two Black women in the movement for Black Lives. White folks would get a box every month with SWAG and homework. And people subscribed. It’s brilliant.

But I was like, why are us white people expecting more stuff from Black people? Can’t we just send them the money and engage in our own education?

One of our collective, who does a TON for The Yarn Mission, is struggling, and I wondered if I could just send her money every month. But I wanted to know what difference that could possibly make if it were just me. I wished there were a way for me to organize the many white people who support The Yarn Mission to join me.

Then CheyOnna Sewell and I had a conversation, she wrote a blog post on reparations vs. regeneration, and this invitation is born.

Would you join me in an affinity conversation about how we can support The Yarn Mission in a regenerative way?

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Just to help us target more effectively. Some things will be happening locally!
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